If you are interested in the games of a particular player or opening variation just e-mail me with your request. My databases contain over 4 million games and are growing fast since they contain both all forms of correspondence chess as well as over-the-board games. Many games in htese databses are not inlcuded in the currently available commerical databases. However, given the number of free requests carried out over the last year if a request requires substantial work or incurs postal or printing costs then a small charge will be requested (probably 6 GBP per request).


At present I have been playing chess on and off for over 40 years. This has included writing over 400 articles inclusive of many annotated games for leading magazines and articles on improving ones game. It has also included winning several different County Championship (as an English Chess Federation Regional over-the-board Master), the North of England Postal Championship and representations for England in correspondence team events such as North Atlantic Team Championship IV, North Sea Team Tournament , European Team Championship and individually in the Russian Invitation tournament (RCCA 5 yrs), BCCA Centenary GM event, International Memorial Invitational Events (for Reg Gillman, John Jordan, Ken Messere and Slade Milan) and the European Championships (semi-finals). In the Reg Gillman event I qualified for the title of Correspondence Chess International Master and in BCCA-100 I qualified for the Senior International Master title . If this experience is of interest to you then please mail me. Again due to the number of free sessions carried out recently a charge must now be agreed before progressing. For example detailed analysis of 5 recent games and proposals for improvement will be GBP 30.

Mail me!