(“corr.”  signifies a correspondence chess game)


February-March 2023 Head to Head with Players who have won the British Championship (2): Number 1 (Bruce-Stephenson 1961), Number 2 (Stephenson-Sunnucks 1972).

March April 2023 Examples of queen sacrifices (with a focus on the prelude to the sacrifice) (4): Number 1 (Kanyamarala-McKay 2021), Number 2 (Donnelly-Moricz 2021), Number 3 (Donnelly-Susanto 2020).

April-May 2023 Winning with the Polish Opening: Number 1 (Florescu-Roman 2021), Number 2 (Rellstab-Richter 1938).

May-June 2023 “From Russia without Love”-severe loses in complex games from the Russian Correspondence Chess Association Invitation 5yr Tournament: Number 1 (Peljo-Donnelly 1998 corr.), Number 2 (Donnelly-Rezvyakov 1998 corr.).

[Examples of interesting and dramatic Russian picture postcards used by some players in this event can be found by clicking here. ].

June-July 2023 Kenilworth player’s instructive attacking play at the English Seniors Championship: Number 1 (Baguley-Page 2023), Number 2 (Goodwin-Jerome 2023).

July-August 2023 Examples of predominantly intuitive play in Rapid games on the Internet (III): On the road towards a greater degree of intuitive play: Number 1 (Lesaoana-Donnelly 2020), Number 2 (Donnelly-Gjino 2021).

August-September 2023 Remembering Peter Campbell Gibbs-Multiple over-the-board and correspondence chess champion, England World Student Team representative, British Team International, Newspaper columnist, Coach, Life Vice President of 3 County Associations, Recipient of the BCF Presidents Award, President of the MCCU – “A Legend-a gentleman of the game of chess” (Ray Dolan):

Number 1 (Gibbs-Sergeant 1955), Number 2 (Gibbs-Hernandez 1975 corr.).

[Peter has contributions much to several areas of Chess including over-the board play for sighted and blind players. SIM Ian Pheby has provided details of Peter’s contribution to Correspondence Chess: EFCC Auditor 1965-71; British Veterans CCC Tournament Organiser 2000-2011; EFCC President 1988-91; Member of several EFCC sub-committees 1965-2007. He also won the British Veterans Correspondence Championship 1999-2000 and promoted this form of chess in his widely read Birmingham Post column for several decades].

September-October 2023 A small tribute to the work of the stalwarts of the British Correspondence Chess Association (BCCA) 1906 to the present: Number 1 (Tranmer-Chapman 1939 corr.), Number 2 (Ritson Morry-Duffell 1928 corr.)

October-November 2023 Lessons from very short games (2): Number 1 (Phillips-Taylor 2023), Number 2 (Davies-Jakhria 2023), Number 3 (Sugden-Littlefair 2023), Number 4 (Tang-Courtney Holt 2023).

November-December 2023 Focus on pre-WW2 events (VIII) Amsterdam Chess Congress 1936: Number 1 (Bosch-Euwe), Number 2 (Alekhine-Bosch).


December 2023-February 2024 Brevities XVII (4NCL 2023 games): Number 1 (Hedger-Blackie), Number 2 (Ravi-Manickam), Number 3 (Burgess-Tomy), Number 4 (Amos-Butts), Number 5 (Granat-McDonagh).

February-March 2024 Focus on the Sicilian Wing Gambit: Number 1 (Abrahams-Mieses 1944), Number 2 (Williams-Palliser 2021).

March-April 2024 Selected games of Early Russian Masters (1): Number 1 (Hoffman-Petrov 1844), Number 2 (Shumov-Petrov 1862).