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Description automatically generatedMarek Soszynski joins forces once again with Jerzy Konikowski to produce a very well researched book on the Polish Defence, the St.George Defence and related systems where Black plays a

very early b5. The presented games and analysis make a convincing case that these, often underestimated lines, are in fact fully playable. This concept is nicely supported by the comments made by the noted opening author,

and very strong player, GM Kotronias in the book’s forward. It is perhaps a surprising fact that some very strong players have occasionally used systems with an early b5 and these include Shabalov, Korchnoi, Short and Spassky (even in a

World Championship Match versus Petrosian !). The lay-out of the book is helpfully clear which aids study of the eight chapters, which are classified depending on White’s first move, and the book has clearly utilised an impressive range of chess

 literature in its compilation. Due to this book I would fully expect there to be a significant increase in the number of games played with these systems in the near future.