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M.Blokh ”From tactics to openings”.

Dear bibliophiles!

Today our story will go about ICCF Grandmaster M.Blokh, the author of educational and methodical books for children, the chess teacher who helped a future Grandmaster Alexander take the first steps on the way to his popularity (from 1990 to 1994). The textbook on tactics “1200 combinations” published in a small edition was the first book experience by Maxim Vladimirovich. And it was in a far 1992, in the beginning of the newest history of Russia. One can say, that M.Blokh was one of pioneers among trainers - authors.

After his successful experience such known authors as Vsevolod Kostrov and Nikolay Jakovlev.have already taken up the pen business... Conversation about them conversation will go later. As the author himself notes the peculiarities of this book and all subsequent after it were the following:

Selection of set of the superintense "bilaterial" positions (when White take move they win only, if Black do – Black) giving training on dynamics of chess struggle in the sharpest positions.

- Careful selection, systematizing and detailed classification of educational examples.

The book " 1200 combinations " received nice responses of his colleagues and recognition of readers. And its readers were basically children and their parents. What else can one wish the trainer if his pupils’ study his own books and are become strong chess players? Inspired by his first success

Maxim Vladimirovich issued one more book named “Kombinatsyonnoe iskusstvo”, (Art of combination) M., 1993. The author somewhat improved in it both a polygraphic basis, and design of the first edition, and introduced a system of encouragement in points for the successful solution of the task. This book, as well as the previous one became a bibliographic rarity long ago and disappeared from sale. Further reprinting has already outside the native land, in USA (The Art of Combination, USA, 1994). The same year the program “CT-ÀRT” (for operational system DOS) has appeared together with joint-stock company “InformSystem”.

And then there was a break even three years. It is easy to guess that the author accumulated his creative ideas all this time for new publications. At last a book “Uchebnik shakhmat” (Chess Manual) was published in 1997 which contained data on rules, theory of openings, middlegames, and endgames, and also 837 educational tasks and 64 games.

The small volume and the brief laconic form of interpretation of the material, does not make studies tiresome, and on the contrary, it leaves time and encourages desire of pupils to consolidate the received knowledge in mastering combinations practically.

One more the three-year break and before us we have a voluminous book (300 pages) named “Kombinatsyonnye motivy” (“Combinational motifs”). It contains more than 1400 positions, and its reduced version “600 combinations” was issued in 2001. These books are intended already for ELO-rating chessplayers!

And quite recently, almost together with the book “600 combinations”, we have seen M.Blokh's new publication “Otkrytye debuty; Frantcuzskaja zashchita” (Open openings and French defence) from the series of “Modern chess openings”. This manual for young chessplayers with ELO-rating has been appreciated already by many young chessplayers and their trainers. It should be notice, that the Russian text in all books (excepting for the book “The Chess Manual”) is duplicated in English and German. This makes the material accessible for understanding to chessplayers nearly of any country of the world!

Let us wish Maxim many creative and chess successes!

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