The list of links on this page is divided into the following sections. Please e-mail me if you wish to have a link added: 

1. Correspondence Chess  2. Selected Homepages  3. Software/Databases/Books/Magazines  4. Local and Regional over-the-board Chess.  

1. Correspondence Chess

AICCF-a nice site about Indian Correspondence Chess (games, photographs, excellent bulletin etc).

ChessMail- formerly the best correspondence chess magazine now a web site for fine books and databases.

Correspondence Chess News-a very good e-zine featuring news, games and articles by top correspondence players (now ceased at issue 100 but all still available to download).

The British Correspondence Chess Association's web site.


EFCC-web site for all matters relating to English Correspondence Chess. novel new site with play by e-mail but with no connection during the game to help speed access, find players and store more results.

ICCF site-excellent for correspondence (server, e-mail and postal) games and results, now much revised.

 International e-mail Chess Group-free e-mail tournaments and games archive (now only an archive site).

myChess-Matthias Karkowski's innovative correspondence chess server

Romanian CC web pages-a very promising new site.

"Schaak!"-home of a Dutch collector of correspondence games-numerous free games.

Stansco site-an interesting site for friendly and more serious e-mail play.

Welsh Correspondence Chess-a good site effectively promoting correspondence chess in Wales with regular updates.

2. Selected Homepages

Andy Serpa-"Chessopolis" site with huge links directory, NM Randy Bauer's book reviews and discussion area.

Aril Haugens-chess with annotated games, music and other features-new adress for this interesting site.

Chess and Poker-expand your horizons by visiting this site. Useful strategy guides for blitz chess and other competitive games.

Chess South Africa-worth a visit and featuring many novel ideas including a free downloadable game archive.

Chess Tactics-a very good site focussing on chess tactics and chess problems by Prof Ward Farnsworth. Probably the largest body of written instruction on tactics on the web and all free. 

Iain Jackson-for high quality and good value chess sets.

IM Georgi Orlov's site-excellent articles and instruction sections

IM Jeremy Silman-news, reviews and opening analysis plus other non chess features.

IM Jovan Petronic- a most interesting and well presented site from IM and FIDE trainer Petronic.

IM Kalin Karakehajov-offers free download of high level opening analysis.

Links to Online Resources-A fine site edited by Michael Goeller with links to a very wide range of chess resources on the web.

Serge Bystrov's Site-aims to "have the best chess catalogue in Russia as well as news, and book reviews"-recently much expanded. 

Thomas Johansson homepage-author of the King's Gambit for the Creative Aggressor-see book review page. 

Yelena Dembo-the web site of professional chess trainer and very strong WGM. Has recently published a fine book on the middlegame which can only be obtained from this site.

3. Software/Databases/Books/Magazines/Chess Resources.

British Chess Magazine-magazine, software and good news pages

Car Games: a good chess resources site with a large set of useful links to sites featuring a diverse range of chess topics

Chess Assistant-database and game replying software

Chessbase-useful software for game databases and publishing

Chess and Bridge UK-books, software and news.

Chess Cafe-several GM columns, books, sets, chess problem, e-books and free reader.

Chess Central-unusual but good chess books.

Chess Informant-paper or electronic a still indispensable source of quality games.

CHESS.NET site-Terry Bohannon's downloadable databases and games requests service.

Chess Openings- software by Bookup Corp. Ideal for modelling opening repertoires.

Chess Today-a daily chess newspaper of about three pages on various chess matters.

En passant site-many chess progs, and utilities.

Kania Verlag-good books from Harald Keilhack 

New In Chess-magazine and software (large links page)

4. Local and Regional over-the-board chess

Chess Pages-Free Chess-a novel site with much help for beginners in terms of "how to" pages on chess generally and chess software. Thousands of free games from all levels of players.

Cleveland Chess-greatly improved new site with fixtures, results, newsletter and games to download for the Teesside region.

Coventry Chess Club-Updated web site and new location for the CCC (Formerly Whoberley Chess Club).

English Chess Federation (formerly British Chess Federation)

Four Nations Chess League-The UKs premier team event

Kenilworth Chess Club-a good local club with several of Warwickshire's top players as members and also welcoming players of all standards for social chess or team membership. Interested players can contact Mark Page

( ).

Marple Chess Club- a club recently doing very well in the Manchester area.

Birmingham and District ChessLeague-all the news for this local league.

Olton Chess Club-a fine example of when a club goes on-line.

Streatham & Brixton Chess Club- a blog with much interesting news and discussion not only for this club, but the London area and chess in general.

Stockport Chess Club-a promising new site for Stockport and all the clubs in the Manchester area with a presence on the web.

Sutton Coldfield Chess Club (and link to Warwickshire Chess Association)-an excellent local club.