Writer or Editor of Newspaper and Magazine columns, Chess Offices held and membership of Chess Societies (1968-present).   


1. Over-the-board and Correspondence Chess Newspaper and magazines columns.

(a) Writer of The Reporter Group of Newspapers Chess Column (14 weekly papers covering South Lancashire, North Cheshire, North Derbyshire and West Yorkshire) 1977-78 and 1982-83.

(b) Games Editor of the Greater Manchester County Chess Association (GMCCA) Bulletin 1985.

(c) Compiler of the Your Move Column, Correspondence Chess 1993-94.


2. Chess Problem Activities.

(a) Member of British Chess Problem Society (BCPS) 1968-70.

(b) Fellow of the British Chess Problem Society (BCPS) 1979-83.

(c) Writer of the Chess Problem Column in the Cheshire and North Wales Bulletin 1977-79.

(d) Writer of Chess Problem Column in the Lancashire Chess Bulletin 1980-83.


3. Offices Held.

(a) Member of Organisation Committee for the Teesside Open Chess Championship 1970.

(b) Team Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, or President of Salford University Chess Club (at various times) 1971-74.

(c) Publicity Officer for the Cheshire and North Wales Chess Association 1977-79.

(d) Member of the Organisation Committee for the British Universities Team Championship, Manchester University 1984.

(e) First Team Captain of Whoberley Chess Club (Coventry) at various times 1986-2007.

(f) Web Master of "Chess Pages of Mike Donnelly" Internet chess site 1999-present.