Local author releases second children’s fantasy novel after discovering his passion in writing during lockdown.


Last year it was Journey to the Moon, this year it is Amazing Adventures in Time. Comic writer, Ed Goodwin, has turned out another book this year, based on the same family: would-be techno-wizard Dad, sceptical but resigned Mum, daughter Suzy sometimes trying out things for herself, and Connie, the youngest, who mostly goes along with Suzy.


Amazing Adventures in Time is an imaginative, funny, entertaining and completely mind-boggling story for young people.


The author explainsI started writing during the first Covid lockdown. For one thing I had lots of time on my hands. It also let me keep in touch with all my grandchildren by reading a chapter from the book each evening using WhatsApp. I have based my main characters on my granddaughters Connie and Suzy. Their personalities and quirks are reflected in their fictional versions.



Ed Goodwin’s book is set around time travel and will take readers on a whirlwind adventure overcoming obstacles along the way. They will be drawn into the adventures of a fairly normal family coping with their Dad’s desire to become famous by inventing a time machine. Humour blends with fantasy as strange scenarios are encountered during journeys backwards and forwards in time.



A recent review by Kent Bylines

It is billed as a book for children but, as with its prequel, some of the conversations have an Alice in Wonderland appeal to logic. The conversations dance about between reality, play and pretend.

The altercations between Mum and Dad show that this is really a comic book to appeal to adults.’


The author continues, ‘Readers will enjoy the mixture of humour and fantasy, while the plot is on the verge of being possible in real life.’


About the Author

Ed Goodwin lives in Coventry. He is a retired IT project manager who now coaches chess to adults and children and supports blind and partially sighted people in computer skills and creative writing classes.

This is his second published children’s book following Journey to the Moon and other stories. Both were written during lockdown for his grandchildren.


About the book

Will Dad’s latest invention turn out to be the Christmas gift Suzy and Connie long for?

Dad dreams of becoming a famous scientist after creating a time machine. Unfortunately his children show a distinct lack of interest, while Mum constantly points out flaws in his brilliant plans. Will several fantastic trips into the past and the future convince his family, or will all his materials end up at the local tip?

How to Order

Amazing Adventures in Time and/or Journey to the Moon can be purchased (RRP £9.99) from Ed. Send your requirement to edhgoodwin@gmail.com and details of how to order will be sent by return.