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Games from famous players I have encountered across the board, or gotten to know personally or who have had a large impact on my play (or all three!).

. Mikhail Botvinnik one of the few greatest players ever. 

Tony Miles the first British GM.

Vic Knox  one of the outstanding North of England players. 

Hugh Alexander brilliant player, chess journalist and chess problem supporter.

John Jordan one of England's strongest postal players. 

Joe Soesan. brilliancy prize games of the twice British Veterans Champion.

Ludek Pachman Czech GM an excellent author especially on opening theory and no mean player with many excellent wins against world class players.

Tigran Petrosian World champion with a much misunderstood style. Great master of tactics and possibly one of the greatest players ever in closed positions.

Andy Baruch all the games played by Andy in the Joe Soesan Memorial Cup (formerly named the Whoberley Summer Cup). Eleven tournament victories and just two loses from 1986 to 2004.

Edgard Colle famous Belgian player from the 1920s and 1930s with a great opening named after him.

  Trevor Thomas all correspondence games of the former England Team Selector and ICCF Senior International Master.

A fitting tribute to Trevor is paid in the Northumberland Chess Association Bulletin for July 2019. A zipped copy in pdf format may be downloaded here.

  Norman Stephenson over 1700 games by the many times Teesside and twice British Seniors Champion, and very successful English Junior Trainer.

Charles.W.Warburton a fine correspondence player and earlier otb player. His book "My Chess Adventures" inspired me to take up correspondence chess more seriously. Just under 50 of Warburton's games are available to download on this page. Two of these are annotated in great detail available in the Archive section of this web site for May-June 2020.