Latest Chess Results

This page duplicates the last entry in each section 1-9 of the “Summary of Chess Results” page and adds new results from that date to each currently relevant section (1-7).


1.    Chess Club Championship.


(a)   Whoberley Chess Club


Previously 7 times winner or joint first (1989-2005).


2006 5th= (to E.Eckloff and V.Daskevics, M.Page and A.Baruch)


(b)   Coventry Chess Club (for the John Evans Memorial Cup)


2017 3rd (to D.Ireland and Goodwin); 2022 2nd (to J.Pink).


2.    Individual County Championship


(a)   Cheshire and North Wales Correspondence Ch (postal)

1985 1st.

(b)   Warwickshire County Correspondence Ch (postal)


2011 1st.


3.    Regional Championships

Leamington and District League Lightening (Blitz)

2019 2nd (to Phil Holt); 2022 10th (to J. Valdepenas Octavio, M.Page, B.Baer etc).

Coventry and District Chess League Rapidplay (10 min Swiss)

2021 15th = (to S.German and F.Saagyaman etc)


4.    National Championships

British Correspondence Ch (finals)

1991 6th (to A.Stewart etc).

British Seniors (65+)

2015 23rd= (to M.Surtees, P.Bielby etc) .


5.    International (Individual)

Adrian Hollis Memorial (International Invitational Web Server event with 4GMs and 7 SIMs)

2014-2016 8th (to N.Robson etc).

6.      Team Events (Local and International)


(a)   Whoberley Chess Club

Coventry and District League Div 1: 2007 1st.

Coventry and District League KO Cup. :.  2007 1st.

Coventry and District Divisional Cup 2007 1st.

(b)   Kenilworth Chess Club

Kenilworth A team

Leamington and District League Div.1 2022 1st, 2023 1st.

Leamington and District Team KO Cup 2019 1st, 2022 1st.

Kenilworth B team

Leamington and District Legue Div. 2: 2019 1st.

Leamington and District League Div 1: 2024 2nd.

Kenilworth 1st team

Coventry and District League Team KO Cup 2019 1st, 2022 1st.

Coventry and District League Divisional Cup: 2018 1st.

Coventry and District League Div A: 2023 1st, 2024 2nd.

(c)  England Correspondence Chess Team

Olympiad 21 Preliminary section 2016-2018 (10 teams).

Board 4 for England, 5th place board score.

7. Best Game Awards etc.

(a) Leamington and District League Best Game 2015 (loss to R.McNally).

(b) Kenilworth Chess Club Players of the Year 2018 (70.2% scored from 42 games with only two loses).