Memorabilia Corner Bits and Pieces from past chess events etc.

1.      Kenilworth Chess Club win the Coventry Chess League Division 1 for the first time.

A group of men sitting around a table with chess board

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Kenilworth Chess Club, formed in 1975, has won the Leamington and Ditrict Chess League Division 1 numerous times since that date. In 2023 though Kenilworth CC won the other major local league, the Coventry and District League Divion 1 for the first time.

The above picture shows some of the regular team members (left to right): Ben Graff, Phil Wood, Bernard Charnley, myself, Jude Shearsby, Mark Page, Andy Baruch and Dr.Joshua Pink.

Amongst the team are Chairman of the LDCL, son of the chess legend B.H.Wood founder of CHESS, four  England International players (one a gold medallist), and a  British Seniors Champion.