Memorabilia Corner 2009-2013

Cleveland Chess Association "Hall of Fame" Interview December 2009.

A copy of this interview, published on the Cleveland Chess Association web site  may be read here.


World Chess Championships Candidates, IEE, London April 2013.


1. The famous Savoy Hotel adjacent to the playing venue. 2-3. The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE , London) a mecca of science. 4. Players scores before the round commenced.

5. The mostly electronic "book" shop in the IEE foyer. 6-9. Much technology and IM Lawrence Trent in the commentary room. 10. Autographs of famous players GM Vassily Ivanchuk and GM John Nunn

(followed by a discussion with John regarding playing in the British U-21 Championship of 1971 (First Tony Miles, second John Nunn, third Jon Speelman etc (8th MJD). 11. Technical problems in keeping up with Ivanchuk's speed of

 play when in a serious time trouble . 12. Specially designed chess sets for the event. 13. "Shrine" to famous scientist inside the IEE. 14. Statue of Faraday outside IEE. 15 Leaving the IEE in a taxi after an excellent day.

London Chess Classic, Olympia December 2013.

1. Advert of event at Olympia Station. 2. Fine Persian Restaurant around corner from venue. 3. Prog and ID. 4. Chess everywhere in the foyer. 5. Meeting GM Nigel Short and discussion of our draw many years ago.

6. Chess is a hard game when the bishop is as large as you. 7. GM John Nunn gives an impromptu lesson. 8. Kick-off with young players making the first move for the GMs. 9. Gelfand v Adams. 10. Nakamura v Kramnik.

11. More GMs v GMs. 12. IM Andrew Martin and GM Daniel King signing the prog. 13. Martin and King in action in the commentary room. 14. IM Malcolm Pein (organiser and manager of Chess and Bridge) with his charming assistant.

 15. GM Chris Ward (in shock after winning our drawn position charity game on time  with 1 second left on clock. 16. Malcolm Pein explains the Yes to Chess Idea. 17. Chatting with the enthusiastic GM Matthew Sadler.

18. Starting the Final.  19. Mental Preparation for the final !? 20-22 Moments from the finals games. 23. Post-mortem in the foyer between GMs Gelfand and Nakamura (whilst Stewart Reuben-in between players-possibly considers the future of the ECF or the next poker match).