Some recommended chess problem books and pamphlets.

The following is a list of some of the best chess problem literature. It often focuses on older books that might be termed in many cases classics. It does not intend to be a complete review of all chess problem publications merely the ones I have studied myself. All give either a good grounding in the most important chess problem themes and/or provide some examples of the most interesting and inspiring chess problem composed over the last one hundred years or so.

Chess problems: Introduction to an Art, M.Lipton, R.C.O.Matthews, J.M.Rice, Faber and Faber, 1963. A superb introduction covering simple two mover themes up to more complex longer problems and fairy chess problems.

The Enjoyment of Chess Problems, K.S.Howard, Dover 1967. A USA biased view of the chess problem world and what it can offer.

The Golden Argosy, W.A.Shinkman, Edited by O. Wurzburg, A.C.White, G.Hume, The Chess Amateur 1929. One of the famous "Christmas Series" by A.C.White and colleagues. Some 600 varied problems by one of the giants of old.

The Two Move Chess Problem-Tradition and Development, J.M.Rice, M.Lipton, B.P.Barnes, Faber and Faber 1966. Detailed essays on some of the main two mover themes.

Nur ein Baur, G.Glass, H.Zander, Feenschach 1974. Some amazing examples of the power and influence a simple pawn can produce.

Comins Mansfield MBE: chess problems of a grandmaster, B.P.Barnes, British Chess Problem Society 1976. Some 200 selected problems from the work of possibly the greatest composer of all time.

P.F.Blake: A Tribute Overdue, G.W.Chandler, The British Chess Problem Society 1971. A selection of the work of a famous British composer of mainly finely constructed three and four movers.

A Tribute to G.F. Anderson, G.W.Chandler, C.R.Flood, R.C.O.Matthews, British Chess Problem Society 1974. A selection of problems of all types from a remarkably versatile composer.

Twee zielen en Twee gedachten, L.I. Loschinski, J.Hartong, Wassenaar 1959. A selection of Loschinskiís problems one in the same class as Mansfield.

Lilian: An Episode in Chess Problem History, C. Ravilious, Woodpusher Publications 1995. Chess problems of a nineteenth century (female) child prodigy.

The Chessboard Adventures of Norman Macleod, Ed J.Rice, Feenscach 1997-see book review section of the site for more details.

FIDE Album 1980-82, Zagreb 1988. A selection of the best problems published in the described period. Similar Albums have been published for other periods and are all worth obtaining.