Memorabilia Corner No. 6, 2014-

British Chess Championships, Warwick University, Coventry July-August 2015.

1. Kenilworth players Paul Lam and Mark Page just before start of play in the penultimate round of the British Championships. 2. Packed commentary room with Ravi Kumar and Andrew Martin.

3. GM Glen Flear. 4. The photographer being photographed taking a snap of GM Keith Arkell. 5. GM Danny Gormally. 6. Autograph of GM Mark Hebden (other obtained where Danny Gormally, Keith Arkell and Glenn Flear).

International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) Congress, Mecure Holland Hotel and SPA, Cardiff, Wales 17th August 2015.

 1. Congress presentations session opening. 2. Congress Meeting room with Welsh Dragons. 3. Thomas Johansson awaiting the start of presentations (whom I met in person for the first time after over 15 years of Internet chess communications). 4-13 Various Team and Individual Awards and Titles Presentations: 5-6. Thomas Johansson receives his certificate and medal; 9-10. Silver engraved plate for Ron Langeveld- 26 th World Correspondence Chess Champion; 12. Andrew Dearnley collects two certificates! (IM and SIM)14. Its official CCIM Thomas Johansson of Wales! 15. Another Welsh Dragon in the "local" near Congress. 16. Fine Welcome Pack for Congress.

Kenilworth Chess Club , Warwickshire, UK (Club AGM April 2018)

Winning the Tilley Trophy for the highest individual score for a Kenilworth CC player in the local

Leamington and Coventry Chess Leagues 2017-2018 (scoring over 70% with 2 loses in 41 games).