Opening Reviews and Other Articles.

This section of the site will gradually expand to include relatively large articles on a range of chess topics that does not involve simply annotation of complete games. The latter is the general format of the shorter articles published each month on this web site but all articles are designed to compliment each other.

Listed are the majority of the longer articles published in chess magazines either in paper format or as e-zines as well as those articles only available on this web site.

Those articles of a more general nature, or those that involve opening theory that is less affected by becoming significantly outdated, are available for downloading by clicking on the relevant hyperlink.

1. The Queen's Fianchetto Defence, Chess, p200-205 March  and p234-237 April 1976.

2. An Uncommon Line in the King's Indian Defence (9...Re8-Fianchetto variation.), Chess, p54-57 November 1976.

3. The Closed Grunfeld with 6.Be2, Chess p218-223 May 1979.

4. Chain Combinations, Rabbits Review (Mike Basman Editor), p26-31 August 1979.

5. 2.c4 versus the French Defence, The Lancashire Chess Bulletin p11-12, March 1980.

6. Opposite Castling, Rabbits Review (Mike Basman Editor), p19-24 January 1981.

7. Computer Chess-some thoughts and games, Lancashire Chess Bulletin p13-14 Summer 1981.

8. Development of an opening novelty (6.Bg5 in the Closed Sicilian Defence), Correspondence Chess, p10-11 September 1984.

 9.  Building your own database-discusses the pros and cons of chess study using databases and the advantages of building your own base (a zipped Word document). September 2001.

10. A review of the Tarrasch Gambit -a detailed discussion of this unexplored way for white to meet the Tarrasch Defence (a zipped Chessbase .cbv file). December 2001(games to August 2001).

11. Experiences with and analysis of the Von Hennig-Schara Gambit-a review of some lines of this very sharp reply to 1.d4 (a zipped .pgn file). March 2002.

12. Avoiding Main Line Theory (Kings Indian Defence and Modern Benoni Defence), Correspondence Chess News 71, 2002.

13. The Zollner Gambit against the Sicilian -a review of this under-rated line against the Dragon or Accelerated Dragon openings (a zipped Chessbase .cbv file). March 2003.

 14. Example Articles from Correspondence Chess News-comprising mine (A Little Bit of Nostalgia-Chess in War Time Britain 1943-45) and Michael Jensen's (Gambiteer's Apology) contribution to issue 100 (zipped .pdf format). December 2003.

15. Another look at the Englund Gambit, Chess p41-42 April 2004.

16. A Postal Chess Method-a summary of the method I used (and still use) to increase my rating to International Master level in correspondence play (zipped Word document). November 2004.

17. Svenonius' line (7...cxd4 and 8...Bc5) of the Tarrasch Defence-(Chess p34-37, August 2005) a review of this sharp and complex black line favoured by Keres and in which black often sacrifices the d5 pawn (a zipped Chessbase .cbv file) August 2005.

18. The Rise of Women in Chess-This series part published in the e-zine "Chess Chronicle" comprised 5 parts as follows. Part 3 is offered as a small tribute to the talent of the late Jessie Gilbert (as a zipped Word document), whilst Part 5, my loss to WGM and World Correspondence Championship finalist Ingrida Priedite  (as a zipped Chessbase .cbv file), remained unpublished due to the demise of this magazine. (other parts comprising wins versus Policewoman Kate Donegan (Part 1 ), a win versus WGM and World Correspondence finalist Mary Jones (Part 2), and my loss against WGM/IM Jovanka Houska (Part 4) are available on request). September 2006 (updated April 2017).

19. The Pros and Cons of Tripled Pawns- a theoretical treatment of tripled pawns which occurs much more frequently in practice than I had initially realised before writing this article. This study of advantages and disadvantages of this type of pawn structure was originally published in Correspondence Chess News 67.  This edition of CCN also includes other articles such as New Ideas in the Dragon by IM Marius Ceteras. February 2010.

20. More on the Alekhine's Defence Opening (subtitled "Almost an opening innovation")- a detailed analysis of Qe8 in the exchange variation (zipped cbv. file).  An updated, revised and edited version of an article published in Chess Chronicles 2005. April 2016.