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1. Games from raw beginner to more recent times:


 1965-19681969-19741975-19841985-19911992-1996 , 1997-2000 , 2001-2004  (pending), 2005- x (pending)

2. Efforts, published in magazines and newspapers, to reach the high art of chess composition:

Chess problems and studies  

3. My results in over-the-board, correspondence  and chess problem events:

Results summary  

4. Memorabilia corner-bits and pieces from my chess past:

 1966-1981 , 1982-1990  , 1991-2004 , 2005-2008 , 2009-2013 , 2014-

5. Simultaneous Displays:


6. List of published games:

A list of over 700 games published since 1965 with details on opponents, date played, and when and where published (as a zipped Excel spreadsheet). By no means all wins, plenty of interesting draws and a fair number of losses.

Check it out you may be there! Most published game v S.Owen (5 times); Most published opponent  W.Tchazibane (9 games ) followed by A.Baruch (8 games).

Obtain a copy by clicking here. (updated June 2017).

7. Newpaper columns, offices held, and society membership (over-the board and correspondence chess and chess problems):

Columns etc 1968-present