My Stuff Page

1. My Games: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (as zipped pgn databases).


 (a) Over-the-board (otb) Chess Games:

All otb games played between 1966-2000.

About 900 games from the first recorded game as a very bad beginner, through to winning numerous Club Championships and 3 different County Championships, to runner-up in the Northern Counties Individual Championship, representing the North of England in the team match v Scotland, and ending with the commencement of significant reduction of otb play to concentrate fully on correspondence chess.

(b) Correspondence (corr.) Chess Games:

All correspondence games played between 1966-2000.

About 300 games again from raw beginner playing just a few corr. games to supplement otb chess, a several years gap, through to recommencing corr. chess and winning 2 different County Championships and the Northern Counties Individual Correspondence Championship, playing in the finals of the British Championships, representing England in team matches and International Invitational Tournaments, and ending with obtaining the International Master title.

2. Efforts, published in magazines and newspapers, to reach the difficult high art of chess composition:

Chess problems and studies  

3. My results in over-the-board, correspondence  and chess problem composition events:

Results summary  

4. Memorabilia corner-bits and pieces from my chess past:

 1966-1981 , 1982-1990  , 1991-2004 , 2005-2008 , 2009-2013 , 2014-2018.

5. Simultaneous Displays:


6. List of published games:

A list of over 740 whole or part games published since 1966 with details on opponents, date played, and when and where published (as a zipped Excel spreadsheet). By no means all wins, plenty of interesting draws and a fair number of losses (with some excellent play by my opponents in the last case!).

Check it out you may be there! Most published game v G.Pyrich (7 times) followed by v S.Owen (5 times); Most published opponent  W.Tchazibane (9 games ) followed by A.Baruch (8 games).

Obtain a copy by clicking here. (updated and with corrections March 23 2021).

7. Newpaper columns, offices held, and society membership (over-the board, correspondence chess, and chess problems):

Columns etc 1968-present