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The club runs several teams in both the Leamington and the Coventry Leagues, as well as Social Chess each week .

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I little bit about myself: I live in the historic town of Kenilworth (very close to the medieval castle) in Warwickshire, England. I have just retired (almost certainly !), after a period as a Technical Advisor , from full time work as a Technical Manager at a biotechnology company that manufactures hydrogels for woundcare, monitoring electrodes, and cosmetic applications. Previously I was a research scientist working in a diverse number of scientific areas (science publications, committees, science journal refereeing etc). In my spare time I enjoy chess, the history and culture of the Ancient Greeks, various types of music and until recently Wing Tsun Martial Art (achieving grade 11).

Just over a decade ago I shifted from playing over-the-board (o.t.b) chess as well as correspondence chess to playing only correspondence chess (peak rating 2492, final rating of 2454 (ICCF rating history  1993-2018). In 2016 I returned to some relatively regular o.t.b chess in local leagues currently playing at about 2000 elo (a somewhat reduced level  from that of a decade or more ago (approximately 2100 elo) and also from my highest many years ago of about 2275 (grading history ). After some 25 years of playing National and International level Correspondence Chess I completed my last few games at the end of 2018, annotated these games in detail for presentation in  correspondence magazines in early 2019, and now just play o.t.b chess.

I will attempt to offer a wide range of chess material on this site including game and opening based articles, games for downloading from famous players I have known or competed against, chess problems and some current and past results. This will include both o.t.b and correspondence play. A major part of the web site is the presentation of annotated games in the "Monthly Articles" section of the site. Often these include annotations by players other than myself.

In addition to more advanced articles I will also occasionally provide articles for beginners to mid-club strength of player also on a very wide range of chess topics.



There has been some slight improvement in the family illnesses (non-Covid related) mentioned last time but there has been some set backs too. The monthly articles for October 25th  and also November 25th are thus uploaded respectively a few days and a few weeks early. It is now hoped to resume the usual monthly articles timings later in the current year or early next year.

This month a new series is started entitled "Whom the Gods Love...". This is a partial quotation of Menander's  famous lines "He whom the Gods love dies young". It will present some games of brilliant players who left this earth for various reasons at a young age. Further new series with different themes will be introduced sporadically throughout  next year.

This month also continues an earlier series in looking at some old events that took place just before World War 2. Perhaps surprisingly for the computer age it has been found many of these games are excellent and much can be learned from them.

October 25 2021- Whom the Gods Love... (1)

This showcases two games of the German player Klaus Junge. I first came across this player many years ago when playing over the games in Alekhine's Best Games 1938-1945 by C.H.O'D Alexander. The World Champion played some absolutely excellent chess to win several games from Junge during this period. Only very recently did I discover that Junge had returned the compliment on more than one occasion.  He was a superb endgame players but his main forte was the ability to play incredibly complex attacking games. Most of his games were played in evocative location in war torn Europe such as Krakow and Dresden (both 1942). An officer in the Wehrmacht he lost his life aged just 21 in the Battle of Welle in which German and British troops fought for control of Hamburg.  

November 25 2021-Focus on Pre-WW2 events (4) Boston 1938.

Pretty much untroubled so far by the gathering storm clouds in Europe, the American Chess Federation organised a strong event at the famous location of Boston, USA. After a preliminary qualifying set of events the top two players in each section competed in a final championship tournament for the amazing Kirk D. Holland trophy (upper section in picture):      

   The event was in the end dominated by the well known players Kashdan and Horowitz but both were troubled on occasion by much less well known players such as Blumin and Santasiere. Two very instructive games, one from each of the joint winners, are presented this month and are analysed in some detail.


All material for downloading from this site is zipped. Use WinZip or similar to extract. Monthly articles are in .pgn format (from May 2000, previously in .txt format) whilst games for downloading are in .pgn format (or .cbv occasionally). 

Contributions (preferably one or two annotated games), suggestions for articles and comments to improve this site are welcome: mail me!

SCCA Magazine

The SCCA magazine is published quarterly and consists of 24xA4 pages packed with correspondence chess news, articles, reviews and games.

SCCA members receive the magazine as part of their annual subscription (8). This entitles them to download pdf files (the e-mags) from a secure area of the SCCA website.

If you prefer to receive a printed copy of the magazine, an extra 5 per annum covers print costs and UK postage and you get the four issues mailed directly to you.

The SCCA magazine is unbeatable value! You can try a complimentary copy by contacting the membership secretary.


Local Players (Oct/Nov 25).

(a) Kenilworth Chess Club's A team in particular has made a very good start to the season winning comfortably all three of their League Division 1 matches and the first of their KO Cup match. Andrew Patterson has been outstanding and young Jude Shearsby has made a very impressive debut in Division 1.

Details of these these League matches, which as in pre-pandemic times featured numerous twists and turns, are to be found on the KCC web site  http://kenilworthchess.blogspot.com which is currently in the process of being overhauled and extensively modernised.

(b) The Coventry and District League fixtures have now finally been released but there was one actual, and several near clashes with the several times revised Leamington Chess League fixtures. After some further changes play in this league will commence very soon.

(c) Carl Portman (Banbury CC) had a most interesting article in the September issue of the World famous magazine CHESS. Here he provided a few intriguing details from his just published book Chess Crusader-Confessions of an Amateur Chess Player.

Tony Peterson (Chess Books-Rare and Secondhand (Oct/Nov 25).

The contact details for Tony Peterson (see section 11 of this web site) have been updated.

It may be added my most recent purchase from Tony was the 3 volume set of Early, Middle and Later Games of Paul Keres, translated and edited by Harry Golombek. The first is actually labeled Ex Libris Harry Golombek. It is almost 50 years since, as a young novice player, I had several very interesting discussions with Harry regarding these books and Paul Keres. Also discussed were other great players he had met such as Smyslov, Geller and Botvinnik.

SCCA Magazine (Oct/Nov 25)

The latest edition (no 155) continues the very high standard set in some earlier editions. In a packed 25 page edition and amongst several interesting articles are presented some superb and nicely annotated Kings Indian Defence games and much Chess and Art relating to the legendary Marcel Duchamp. Former local player Alastair Dawson (now a Prof.!) dares to subject the classic game Berstein-Capablanca 1914 to computer analysis with fascinating results. 

English Counties Correspondence Championship (Ward-Higgs Division1) 2021 (Oct/Nov 25).

This year's event has now commenced, much later than normal, due to the need to adjudicate the last few remaining games from last season which determined the final top 3 places.

This year's event features a plethora of titled players in the 9 County Teams each playing 8 boards apiece. This includes 2 GMs, 5 SIMs, 3 IMs, and no less than 17 CCM or CCE titled players. There were some very high class pairing including GM Coleman (2610) versus SIM Williamson (2506) but these games petered out to relatively quiet draws with few complications. .

Former otb "Chess Juggernaut" Lancashire County stay in the lead with 9.5/14 but are joined by West Wales A team on the same score. However the latter has finished all their games whilst the former still has 2 unfinished games. Currently in third and fourth place are East Wales A on 8.5 and Surrey A on 8 points and both are not to be underestimated as they have 2 and 3 games respectively to complete..

(Unfortunately Warwickshire, several times winner of this elite event, have not entered a team this season. As far as I can recall this is for the first time in many decades. Nor are there any Warwickshire teams in the Division 2 (Sinclair) or the Division 3 (Butler-Thomas) events. Possibly this is due to the resignation last season of team captain  Keith Escott , the irreplaceable and invaluable driving force for correspondence chess in Warwickshire and in the UK).

This web site (Sept/Oct)

(a) Due to the excellent and historically wide ranging work of John Saunders at Britbase (https://saund.co.uk/britbase) the names of the leading prize winners, and also my own final table positions can now be updated or corrected on this web site for the British U-21Championships of 1969, 1970 and 1971. Note that John also has a regular column in the magazine "CHESS".

(b) A "Best Game Awards etc" section has now been added to the Summary of Salient Results page of Section 8 of this web site (My Stuff).

(c) Section 10 (Opening Reviews and other articles) has been very extensively updated (including a few more recent corrections) and now includes some 75 references- a few of the possibly more generally relevant ones are available to be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate hyperlink.

Next main update due on or about December 20 2021.

(minor updates may occur during each month)